Founded in 2003, Textile Field, offers knowledge and expertise in the global textile market, with specific focus into home interiors, hospitality, contract, corporate and healthcare.

We represent multiple mills, based in different countries, offering a very diverse kind of products, allowing us the ability to offer a "one stop shops" to many of our customers in North America. We work hand in hand with many of our customers and mills to develop specific products|collections to satisfy the market needs from mid to high end.

We offer a large selection of basic qualities but also some really unique weaving constructions produced with special raw materials as raffia, faux leather, real leather, special dyeing, finishing processes and embellishments.

We offer consulting on domestic and international market development, sales force and product development.




Our partnership with Arredare SL and Jose' Ramon Fontarnau based in Barcelona, Spain allow us to bridge our business network and development into European markets that include Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.



It is now a tradition for almost 20 years, the annual dinner / party event started in Bruxelles during Decosit (MooD) in 1997, became a twice a year event from 2003 to 2007 with Proposte in Cernobbio.

After 2 years off the scenes, it started again in 2010 with a partnership with Bimitex and its CEO Mr Riccardo Biagioni.

It is now the night's event in Cernobbio during the fabric show of Proposte.

Some epic costume parties at the historical location, the Underground taverna of the Albergo Centrale, moved in 2016 to a new great location in Como, TAG Lounge & Disco Club.