Franco Nannucci - Born in Prato (Italy) from a family working in textiles (yarns for garments and knitwear) spent his life in textile industries but not only. From raw materials to yarns, from fabrics to home furnishings, from knitwear to clothing, he has done it all on domestic and international basis.

The primary focus of the last two decades has been in R&D, marketing and sales of upholstery, window and decorative fabrics worldwide with a specific dedication to develop the American market for several international textile mills.

Laura Mengoni - Born in Prato (Italy) from a family that produced upholstery velvet, worked for 18 years in export office, product development and international sales.  Today focused on administrative part of the business and sales to some of the Spanish speaking countries in Central and South America.


Matthew Cohen -

Operations Manager/Sales


Freddie Story II

Office Manager/IT


Nick Pines

Southeast Sales-Furniture Manufacturers


Freelance Designers -

Kimberle Frost

Susan Uhlin